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Women's Group Golf Sessions

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Reduce stress. Improve fitness. Make friends. Learn. Laugh.

why is a fun, social golf experience designed specifically for women. You will learn by playing the game, as a group, not just by hitting balls on a range.

Women who have tried say they enjoy the unexpected sense of fun, achievement, togetherness and increased self-confidence.

Try at Waterlooville Golf Club in Hampshire
with female PGA Golf Professional, Kat Chaszczewski, MSc

2.30-4.30pm Saturday 9th March 
3.30-5.30pm Saturday 4th May 
3.30-5.30pm Saturday 22nd June
6.00-8.00pm Tuesday 2nd April 
6.00-8.00pm Tuesday 21st May
6.00-8.00pm Tuesday 16th July 
3.30-5.30pm Saturday 24th August


£20 per person

Includes drink after play

Refunded when you sign up for 6 lesson package


Everything you need to play can be provided for you. We have left and right handed clubs.

Dress Code

No stuffy dress codes.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Flat shoes or trainers.

Who For

Sessions are aimed at complete beginners.

Returners to the game are veyr welcome!

Can't wait to get started, or can't make the Taster dates? That's okay!
Jump into weekly sessions. 


WEEK 1: Chipping & putting

WEEK 2: Pitching, chipping & putting

WEEK 3: Hit it further

WEEK 4: Hold the pose

WEEK 5: Driving

WEEK 6: Play


​​WEEK 1: Putting: distance control

WEEK 2: Chipping: distance control

WEEK 3: Bunkers & Pitching

WEEK 4: Club selection & awkward lies

WEEK 5: More distance

WEEK 6: Play



Each session lasts 90 minutes and takes place on the golf course

Current sessions run on Tuesday evenings (when light allows), and Saturday afternoons

You can pay as you go - £20 per session

Package of 6 costs £110

Clubs and other equipment can be provided where required

Maximum of 9 per group

Sessions are for women aged over 18 years only

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Kat has been coaching since 2008 and is a passionate advocate for increasing female participation in golf. She has introduced well over 1000 women to the game, helping to create communities of female golfers wherever she coaches. Kat is an exceptionally patient and encourating coach who will help draw out the golfer in you!

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