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Golf Bag Prep

What should I be carrying in my golf bag?

An image below from Golf Digest which was released a few years back from Justin Thomas’ golf bag. Are you somebody who has a well-prepared golf bag?


Firstly, it’s important that you keep your clubs clean, including the grooves and grips but have you got the right set make up for where you are playing? Do you need your 7 woods or driving iron for a week on the links? Prepare accordingly.


Are you grabbing a chocolate bar and sugary drink from the pro shop? Hopeful that you can grab a sausage roll at the halfway house? or have you ensured you have a good mix of nutritional subsidence to maintain good energy levels throughout the round. Click the link below for further information.


Are you prepared for the weather you may experience out there? In the UK you probably need a very big golf bag to cater for what you may experience….The following items to consider – waterproofs, umbrella, spare towels, spare gloves, rain gloves, waterproof bucket hat. Or, if it's windy or hot in the Southern hemisphere and Southern States of the US, have you got sunblock or glasses? Wherever you are in the world an efficient number of fluids to maintain hydration and sugar levels is most important

Training aids and gismos

If you are somebody who plays with a yardage measuring device have you charged it the night before or got spare batteries if it dies midround? Are you somebody that goes through a routine prior to teeing off? This may be exercising bands to warm up or some putting gates to calibrate your start line. Many players carry alignment sticks and those of you that spend more time in the water than on the grass don’t forget your ball retriever!

Don’t be the golfer asking for tees and pencils

Finally, ensure that you have plenty of tees, balls, pens, pencils and pitch marker etc. Being well prepared is going to help with less noise on the day of play and will only create panic or increases stress if you have forgotten something or not prepared appropriately. Give yourself the best possible chance of playing well by preparing well. This game is tough enough without defeating yourself before you even tee off.

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