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How to Improve!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

With so much information out there now surely every golfers handicap should be tumbling down? But it isn't!...There's a few reasons why for this. Firstly with so much content out there the everyday Golfer doesn't know what to watch, read, listen to and then potentially apply to their own game. I'm not surprised, It's a minefield of information and that's before we get on to equipment and ball type and clothing/footwear. Most of what I see within the industry I'm pleased to say is really good information, and seems to have the golfers best interest at heart. But that doesn't mean it will make you better or it's right for you and your game. What will make you improve?... Well, you need to have some realistic information of your current benchmark and then a large dose of expectation management to look at what is really achievable and what it takes. To do this, get some baseline data from an online stats programme, there are lots out there (give me a shout for recommendations) and start to record your journey with non-biased data. Next up DON'T get Golf Lessons to FIX the things that you think aren't working................ What!! you think I'm going mad....not yet, but what I've learned over the years is you actually need a Golf Coach not a Golf Lesson.

We see a lesson as a very one sided transaction. You tell the coach what's wrong and you are prescribed a cure. It's like going to the doctors and more often than not you end up hitting it much better whilst there... (same as you feel much better when the Doctor appointment comes around.) You only book 30 mins which goes super fast and more often than not you'll play great for a couple weeks then the same cycle begins. Most important, you only go when you are in pain. So what's the difference with a great coaching experience? Well it's a 2 way street to begin with, ensure you book in an assessment session and be clear where you want your game to be in the future. Give the coach opportunity to assess your game and make sure what you have told them matches up with what they see and the data captured. Next put a plan of action together with your coach, know how to practice around your own schedule, and when you go to practice be clear of your intended outcomes and have drills to ensure good execution. Measure improvement as you go and make sure it matches your game data. Your coaching experience at different times of the year should vary as the coach periodise's your development. Commit to a period of time toward reaching your goals. This gives you opportunity to actually improve your skills and not just trying to reset your old ones, it also gives your coach a chance to give you that magic consistency without having to try and make you a world beater every session. You can be given great information but that must also come with patience and persistence on your part. A final separating factor is expect your coach to offer you an open door policy between coaching sessions (not lessons) and be in touch to offer advice and support on your journey (we often do this via online training spaces). That's where real learning takes place as progress is never a straight line. You may confirm with your coach which YouTube coaches to watch, and which podcasts will really help. You could check your improvement from last sessions notes, and update your coach with all your game data and progress and reflections.. I hope this helped you understand a little more how to really improve your Golf and what really works from my years of experience. So if you are looking for that COACH in your world and looking to make real progress then please reach out anytime and enquire about our coaching programmes. We love walking the journey with you, and celebrating your success.

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