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Master Your Chipping - Expert Tips for Autumn Golf

Welcome back for this week's golf tip on mastering your chipping technique. As we transition into autumn here in the UK, the conditions on the course are changing. Leaves are falling, the grass is getting thicker. This means you need to adapt your chipping strategy. Let me provide some essential chipping tips to help you conquer autumn conditions.

First, make sure you are using the right club. As the weather cools, the grass around the greens thickens up. This means your chip shots won't check up as quickly. Switch to a club with more loft like a sand wedge or lob wedge to get your chip shots airborne.

Next, play the ball back in your stance, or get more pressure into your lead shoe at address and aim to keep it there through your swing. When the ground is firm in autumn, you need to make crisp contact. Playing the ball back, or getting pressure into that lead shoe will encourage you to hit slightly down through impact and aid a ball first contact. This prevents chunking the shot and imparts the proper amount of spin.

Alter your swing path going into autumn. As the grass grows longer, you need a steeper angle of attack to properly lift the ball. Focus on maintaining wrist hinge longer and keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead. This steeper motion prevents grounding the club and allows you to take a bigger divot.

Adjust your landing spot. Factor in the ground conditions and whether or not you may catch some blades of grass between the face and ball. Soft ground conditions means you'll lose roll out, while grass behind the ball will increase it.

Finally, commit to the shot. Indecisive chip shots lead to bladed or chunked mishits. As you address the ball, pick your landing spot and visualize the shot shape and trajectory. Pull the trigger confidently focusing only on your target. This commitment is critical for clean contact and accuracy into autumn conditions.

Implementing these chipping adjustments will lower your scores as the weather cools. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques to discover what works for you. Proper execution comes with practice and experience. So bundle up and keep working on your short game. Let me know if you have any other questions! I'll be back next week with more advice to improve your golf.

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