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Do you use a measuring device while playing golf? Nowadays, there are various forms of devices available, including watches, clips for golf bags, built-in devices for golf trolleys, and traditional range/laser finders. Each type offers different qualities, and some players even carry multiple devices to gather course guide information, such as hazards or hole shape, and then use a laser finder to zap flags.

Do you own a distance measuring device, but have no idea how far you hit your clubs? Do you belong to the 150-yard 7 iron crew? It's crucial to understand how far you hit your clubs as it can help you make the most of your device and potentially lower your scores.

Do you perform exceptionally well under specific ground conditions but struggle when the conditions aren't in your favour? Make sure to consider weather conditions, such as firm ground or wind, and adjust your approach accordingly. While the yardage provided by your measuring device can serve as a baseline, it's essential to take other external factors into account.

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