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Conquer Fairway Bunkers

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Welcome back golfers! This week, let's focus our game improvement efforts on properly escaping fairway bunkers. These hazards require creative and precise bunker play to save par. Master these key tips to conquer fairway bunkers:

First, analyse your lie and stance. Dig your feet in so you don't slide during your swing. If the lie is good, play the ball middle to front of your stance. For buried lies, play it back in your stance. Always aim left of your target line.

Make sure you are using the proper club. For shots under 90 yards, grab a lofted wedge to help lift the ball up quickly. For longer fairway bunker shots, use less loft to prevent the shot from ballooning. Don't be afraid to put a 3-wood, hybrid or long iron in play if you have room.

Now commit to your pre-shot routine. Pick a specific landing target beyond the bunker based on your distance. Visualise the high ball flight you want over the lip. Take one or two rehearsal swings to ingrain that motion. Step in and trust your swing.

You should aim to strike the ball first for maximum distance. Power through to a full finish and hold to ensure you don't decelerate.

Maintaining balance is critical, so keep your lower body quiet. Focus pressure on your front side and resist swaying through impact. This keeps your upper body behind the ball and prevents chunks.

Proper fairway bunker technique requires practice. Begin with balls on clean lies before trying buried shots. Film your swing to check positions and sand interaction.. Master these principles and you'll save countless strokes!

Try this tripod for filming:

I'll be back next week with more tips to improve your golf game. Until then, get out there and keep practicing your bunker play. You've got this!

Still need help?

Kat uses Trackman 4 Launch Monitor in her face to face coaching sessions. If you'd like to book an Assessment, please contact Kat directly (07939 252977) for a free consultation. Kat is also available for online coaching. Simply follow her HERE to get started.

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