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Conquer the wind!

It can be difficult playing in the wind but mastering the knuckleball/low bullet into the wind is a great one to have in the armoury. Let’s look at how you can master this one and like many things in Golf it’s a game of opposites.

Controlling the spin

This may seem like it’s too technical but it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Many golfers tend to not take enough club and try to force it to the hole but the issue with this approach is that you are increasing the spin imparted on the ball which will either cause it to stall or curve much more than intended.

“When it’s breezy swing it easy” as they say! Try clubbing up and taking a smooth 3 quarter swing. I find this way so effective and easy to control; the opposite of what instinct dictates.

This is highly effective with the driver into the wind!

I need to hit down on it

It is natural for many golfers to hit down on the ball to help launch it low, but will it always launch it low? You could be causing the ball to spin more by doing this if you are not reducing the loft presented at impact. Make sure you are reducing the loft at impact when hitting down on it by either moving the ball back in the stance or being aware of promoting the shaft angle to be forward. Try to create a nice shallow bruising of the turf and create less loft at impact. This would be known as reducing the spin loft, the angle between the loft presented at impact (Red) and the angle of attack (Blue) Lower flight with lower spin.

Strike Location

This is more targeted at the higher-skilled golfer but don`t be afraid to give it a go and see how you get on. Strike location is very influential on the amount of spin also due to the gear effect. The lower you strike on the face, the more the ball will spin and the higher you strike up the face, the less it will spin. Can you feel like you get strike location up the face a little more especially with the driver and help create that desired knuckled ball? Control the ball and you control the game!

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