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Do golf balls make a difference?

Playing the right golf ball for you can help you for sure but what do you need from your golf ball? Struggling to get any spin around the green? Hitting it high with lots of spin or struggling to get enough distance with your irons?

More spin around the green

If you struggle to produce any spin around the green, then there are plenty of other reasons that could be responsible for this, but I would say the golf ball is a core fundamental to help with this, and the best players in the world would struggle to spin a golf ball which doesn’t have a urethane cover on it. So don’t panic at the range when you aren’t spinning your wedges!!

If you are currently playing a 2-piece distance ball which generally consists of a low-compression inner core and a firmer outer casing, you are going to get a faster ball speed and less friction as the outer casing material will slide as opposed to gripping the face. Both these factors are contributing to the low amount of spin around the green.

Playing a 3 or 4-piece golf ball would be more desirable to produce a slower ball speed and greater friction which will be very influential in producing more spin around the green.

Improving my ball flight

If you are a golfer who hits its really high with lots of spin then there are balls on the market that will help bring the flight down and lower the spin. There are obviously some larger fundamental issues here as to why this happens, but you can make some easy wins with changing golf balls. For example, the Titleist AVX offers a low launch and low spin with the longer clubs but still offers high spin around the green. For the golfer who launches it low with less spin then the Titleist Pro v1x is a great option that helps increase both of these factors. On top of this you need to factor in personal feel, what you like around the greens and off the putter face.

Overall, I would recommend getting a ball fitting from your local pro shop to find a ball that suits the characteristics of your game, and then get used to using that ball during practice and tournaments, jumping from ball to ball is not great in a game where consistency is King.

Still need help?

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