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Prep like a Pro

Do you get frustrated after a slow start on the course? Did you prep in the best possible manner?


Do you run to the 1st tee with a flapjack from the pro shop, or wait on the game-changing sandwich from the halfway hut to shoot your lowest back nine? I know it’s not really part of the warm-up but it’s starting in the right way to help perform your best. Try a blend of protein, fibres, and carbohydrates to help sustain energy levels throughout the round. Be aware that most pro shops stock high sugar foods, which are not great for sustained focus or performance.


Some of you will spend hours hitting balls, making sure you have the best equipment, but most struggle to see the value of stretching for 10 minutes before play. “I always start to play well around the 6th hole when I loosen off.” A common phrase I hear from many players.

There are some easily accessible golf fitness apps online now that offer great information in this department. Not only is it going to help you move better and faster, but will help reduce the risk of injury along the way.

Hitting balls

A great way to have a consistent warm-up is to keep it achievable. Hitting no more than 25 shots before you play will be hugely beneficial. Be specific with the clubs you hit. It could just be as simple as 5 shots with 5 different clubs to a variety of targets. The idea is just to loosen up and get your body and mind ready for your game. The feel is always changing so it’s likely that what you felt yesterday will feel slightly different today.

I’d encourage those last couple of balls to be a replica of the club and shot you aim to hit off the first tee. Be sure you integrate your full pre shot routine with a simulated fairway to get the most from these last couple of hits and clam the nerves in the process.

You can still go through a similar process if you only have a net at your club.

Get a feel for the greens

Start off with some long putts, I always find this helpful to get the rhythm with my stroke, and calibrating the pace of the greens to help you putt so much better. Just putting to the fringe removes the success or failure factor.

Seeing the ball going in the hole will help to build confidence. So, before hitting the course place 4 tee pegs around the hole (North, East, South & West) from 3 feet and see how many of the 12 putts you can hole. Once again implement your full routine to simulate that golf course feeling.

Every shot will count over your 18 holes so taking that extra 30 mins will make the next 4 hours so much more rewarding. Finally, prepare your mindset to embrace what the game will throw at you today and recognise over 4 hours it will be an up and down journey!

I offer face to face coaching at Waterlooville Golf Club in Hampshire, UK, and online or remotely via online app Skillest. Your first online lesson is free - follow me at:

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