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Fine-tune your Swing Path for Consistent Ball Striking

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Welcome back for this week's golf tip on optimizing your swing path for better ball striking. An inconsistent swing path is one of the main causes of erratic ball flights and mis-hits. Whether you tend to come over the top or swing too far from the inside, an improper swing plane leads to big misses. Here are some keys to fine-tune your trajectory:

First, pay attention to proper alignment and aim. Set up perpendicular to your target. Grip the club in your fingers to prevent manipulating the face.

Next, keep your body centered over the ball on the backswing and downswing. You should rotate rather than sway.

Turn through the shot onto your front side keeping weight on the lead foot. This clears your body out of the way and prevents getting stuck on your trail side. Let your arms fully release and extend towards the target, eliminating chicken winging. This turn promotes an on-plane releasing motion.

Be sure to rotate your body to initiate the downswing rather than just dropping your arms. Uncoiling the hips first pulls the club down into the slot automatically. It also sets the proper sequencing of torso and arms for clean ball striking. Don't fire the arms too early.

Create a practice environment that provides feedback. For example, jump in a bunker and make some swings - check the direction of your divot. Alternatively, you could purchase a golf training mat that provides you with instant feedback, like this one:

Solid contact requires matching your clubface to your desired swing path. Isolate directional flaws and make the necessary corrections. You've got this! Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll be back next week with more tips to improve your golf game.

Still need help?

Kat uses Trackman 4 Launch Monitor in her face to face coaching sessions. If you'd like to book an Assessment, please contact Kat directly (07939 252977) for a free consultation. Kat is also available for online coaching. Simply follow her HERE to get started.

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