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Are you outsourcing your learning?

Are you letting a training aid do your learning for you? John Dunigan a golf coach in America has a great saying ‘Whoever does the work, does the learning’.

Are you letting the training aid do the work for you?

When using any training aid, launch monitor or even a golf coach if you are over reliant on them to give you the feedback of what you are doing, then you are outsourcing your learning. If you let the aid guide your movement too often you are outsourcing the learning. You become over reliant on them to move the ‘correct’ way. However, you don’t have any of these feedback devices when playing on the golf course.

Doing the work yourself

When using a golf training aid, or any other form of feedback, we need to have the end in mind. Where do I perform, and what skill sets do I need when I perform?

All you have is the ball flight, strike on club face and the feel of your golf swing as feedback on how you are doing. Therefore, when using a golf training aid you need to be training these skills whilst using this feedback device.

If safe to do so, close your eyes to heighten awareness of how the movement feels when using a training aid.

Bandwidth training

In Bandwidth training you use the training aid to feel the sensations you would like to achieve in your swing, then try to replicate these feels when hitting a golf ball. To wean yourself off the training aid, you use the training aid before every shot to feel the movements, then use it every 2 shots, then every 3 shots, etc. This is bandwidth training and it ensures you do not become over-reliant on the training aid.

The golf training does what is designed to do, by helping you play better golf on the golf course. By having more awareness of your swing, ball flight and strike you reap the benefits of the work you do off the course.

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