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Be in Control!

Updated: May 12, 2023

There is so much out of our control in Golf and yet we try so hard to think that we can control it all. So, what exactly can you control in your game of Golf?

1. Preparation: You can map the Golf Course, and give yourself a great idea of good areas to miss and places that you definitely don’t want to hit it. Mapping the course can give you an idea of what club to take off the tee to avoid bunkers and clear danger and how the greens are shaped and how the slopes will affect the ball. 2. Practice; You can control what to practice, which types of shots may be required, and how much time you will apply to each area. You can choose to make the lie difficult and the tasks to match the reality of the game you are going to play 3. Process: What I mean by this is your routine, Pre shot and Post shot, you can control how you approach each shot, the decisions you make and clubs you select and targets you choose to aim at. After the shot you can choose how you react to the shot that you have just hit. You can decide on your emotional response to it and what you can carry forward into your next shot or your next round.

The things that you cannot control are quite a long list! You can’t control how the ball will bounce, how the wind will gust on a certain day or how your opponent will play, or the luck they will get, or the score they will shoot!!

You can’t fully control the full variability of your technique, it’s quite possible that you have never made the exact same swing twice and how often does the same golfer show up day after day?…But you can choose to accept it. You can choose to control how big that range of movement is and how diverse the variability of technique is. That’s where coaching comes in. So basically what you can control are “the controllables”, you can choose how to deal with the bad rounds, you can choose how much to care, you can choose how much you think the game owes you in return for cleaning your clubs the night before….and most of all you can choose to have fun. It will help your score massively, but it’s still up to you!!

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