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Golf tips - Adapt your game

golf in the summer
Golf tips - adapt your game

The British summer can be unpredictable, and this year has been no exception. With the fairways more soaked than sun-kissed, golfers across the country are facing the challenge of navigating wet conditions. Here are some golf tips on how to adapt your game and maintain your edge on the damp greens.

Club Selection and Ball Flight

Wet conditions can significantly affect ball flight. When the ground is soft, there's less roll, meaning your ball won't travel as far after landing. Consider using longer clubs than usual. For instance, if you'd typically use a 7-iron for a particular distance, you might opt for a 6-iron in wet conditions.

Adjusting Your Swing

A wet turf can be slippery, so ensure you have a stable stance. Widen your feet slightly for better balance. When swinging, focus on making a clean contact with the ball, avoiding too much ground which can lead to fat shots. Remember, in wet conditions, the margin for error is reduced, so prioritize precision over power.

Mental Game: Embrace the Challenge

Rainy days can test your patience and mental fortitude. Instead of seeing the wet conditions as a hindrance, view them as an opportunity to hone your skills under different challenges. Stay positive, focus on each shot, and remember that everyone on the course is facing the same conditions.

Game Management: Play Smart

Wet conditions often mean slower greens. Adjust your putting speed accordingly. Also, be wary of bunkers; wet sand can be more compact, affecting how the ball reacts. It might be wise to play more conservatively, aiming for the centre of the green rather than attacking pins.

Gear Up

Waterproofs are a must. Invest in a good quality waterproof jacket and trousers, ensuring they don't restrict your swing. Waterproof golf shoes will provide better grip on the slippery turf. And don't forget an umbrella and towels to keep your clubs and grips dry.

The Importance of the Pre-shot Routine

In unpredictable conditions, sticking to a consistent pre-shot routine can help maintain focus. Whether it's a couple of practice swings or visualising the shot, find what works for you and stick to it. This consistency can be a grounding force in the face of external variables.

In conclusion, while a wet summer might not be what every golfer hopes for, it presents a unique opportunity to adapt and grow. By making a few technical adjustments and maintaining a strong mental game, you can navigate the challenges and enjoy your game, come rain or shine.

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