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Playing in the Wind

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Playing in the wind can be a card wrecker for many golfers but is mastering it that difficult?

A lot of golfers fall into the trap of trying to muscle their way through the wind but unfortunately this is the worst approach. Why? The key to playing better golf in the wind is the ability to control the spin imparted on the ball. How do we control our spin rate? One of the most contributing factors to how much spin is imparted on the ball is clubhead speed.

Take the smooth approach

As we have now found out that increasing clubhead speed isn’t the most efficient way to play our best golf in the wind, let’s try taking a smoother swing and some extra club. This will help lower the trajectory and spin rate, in turn helping ensure the ball is less affected by the wind, adding more control to your ball flight. Taking the smoother option will also help create a more solid contact too, which is key to helping you control your ball. High spin and poor contact are going to really exaggerate the golf shot so getting those right will aid your game.

Allowing for your curvature

Ball curvature is exaggerated more when playing into the wind or through a cross wind which favours the same direction as your natural shot shape. Don`t try and fight the wind, play with it, but make sure you allow extra for your natural shape. Reducing the spin and trajectory is most definitely going to help the ball be much less affected.

Playing downwind will have the opposite effect on your ball. The wind will reduce the spin and if the flight is too low is will most likely knock the ball down, landing shorter than intended. There is also less need to allow for your side curvature. I recommend playing more loft downwind, and be more committed with your swing speed to send the ball higher.

Pointers to help lower trajectory and spin

- Take more club than usual (could be as many as 3 or 4 if the wind is very strong)

- Ball 3 inches further back in your stance to deloft the club

- Grip further down to reduce clubhead speed

- 3/4 swing to reduce clubhead speed

- Smooth tempo for best contact

It’s hard for all levels of golfer playing in the wind so just accepting this for starters is a big help, but if you can start to control your golf ball trajectory and learn not to fight with the wind you just may just start to enjoy it. Do get in touch if you have any questions or need help with this.

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