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Stop the Sabotage!

Are you constantly getting in your own way whilst out on the course? Hit one bad shot and that’s you trying a new swing thought? It’s so easy to get into this habit but when should we step in and what should we be looking for?

stop sabataging yourself on the golf course. Top golf tips and strategies to gaining control and improving your scores.
Stop the sabotage

3 Strikes and you are Out!

I like to adopt a 3 strike rule...If you hit 3 shots with a very similar destructive pattern, say you slice 3 tee shots in a row into the trees on the right, or every approach shot you hit the strike is behind the ball? Then it’s time to adapt and change.

Feedback Loop

Hopefully, off the course you are working on something that is benefitting the strike or flight of your golf ball and you can transfer this process onto the course. What could a feedback loop look like? Use your golf shot as the ammo to help you adjust the needle to the desired move. What was the flight like? Where did it start relative to my intended target? Did it have curvature on it? If so, which way did it curve? What was the trajectory like? What part of the face did it come off? What was the contact with the ground like? Before or after the ball? There will be something within these questions that are very specific to your tendencies. Hopefully you understand why your ball does what it does, and then we can adapt to the more desirable move by analysing our golf shots. Its important when working with your coach that you don't just take instruction but you ask why you are making the recommended adjustments.

Adaptability wins

Learning to be a master of your feedback loop is going to help you become a more adaptable golfer which is key to improving your golf. Why? We are always changing, and the environment is always changing so learning to adapt when things aren’t what they were 3 holes ago is key to great golf. Sometimes consistency is not the answer but adaptability.

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